Client Lists

Custom Client Lists

  You can create your own collection of custom Contact lists using the User Defined Lists in the Address Book. Creating a custom list of Contacts Go to the Address Book and click Create List Name your List and Add as many Rules as you wish to apply to a unique client list, such as…. […]

My Tags

My Tags gives you another way to group your contacts into more abstract categories, specific to you. Tag Contacts who… Are Priority (like My Favorites) Require Follow-up Require Special Attention …and more! These groups are user-specific (only you can see your Tags) and are very flexible, as they are not based on a field in the contact […]

Export a Contact List

1. Create or select the Custom list of contacts you would like to export (see Create Custom Lists) 2. Go to Options -> Export Contacts… 3. Select the fields you would like to export. All the fields that appear in the right-hand panel are the default fields that will be exported. If you would like […]