Company Front Page

Your Company’s Front Page

Customize your Front Page The Front Page of your Company is your daily “newspaper” where you broadcast the latest breaking news and events, relevant to your team, from internal AND external sources. Highlight client testimonials, your company’s social media status or get live feed for local or global news that’s significant to your industry, your […]

Our Mission widget

Your Company’s Mission, Vision and Values Your mission statement defines who you are and why you’re in business – make sure everyone can find it, right up front! Click on the edit link and use the basic editor or advanced html to make your words stand out!

Company Calendar

Your Company’s Calendar The Company Calendar widget integrates with Google Calendar to make sure that everyone is where they should be, when they should be. The shared calendar you chose during the application setup process links to this widget. The arrows beside the date allow you to choose another day to view. The Add Event […]

Good News

Good News, Sales Team News and More! The Good News Widget is the perfect way to share good news with the rest of the team! Keep everyone informed about the latest success stories, special services or product offerings, client news, or testimonials. Add an image, video, or audio clip, and even documents or links to […]

Inspirational Thought

Inspirational Thought: Script widget Does your team need some inspiration once in awhile or do you like to give them a fun start to their day? With this script widget you can customize a message, quotation or thought for the day that will change each time they visit the Front Page. Keep everyone inspired or […]

Real-Time News Feeds (RSS)

Your Front Page and My Dashboard are equipped with customizable RSS widgets! The RSS widget displays posts from an RSS feed. These widgets are useful when you want to display real-time updates from your company blog or other news source. Keep your Front Page updated with current news you consider critical to your organization, to […]

Email Good News to Your Front Page

On the road and have some good news you want to share with your team, but not at your computer? Send out a quick email, along with a video clip, image or document, from your mobile device to one of the unique Good News email address and have your message appear on the Front Page. Your team […]

Custom Front Page Widgets (HTML)

The customization possibilities are endless with the HTML Widget: get your Top Story news, social media feed, stock portfolio and local weather report! Customize the 2 HTML widget available to you on your Front Page to pull in feed for your business. Below are just some examples of how to customize it to fit your […]