Setting up Email, Calendar, etc. on my Mobile Device

The setup process will vary depending on the device you use: Google Apps on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) Google Apps on your Windows phone Google Apps on your Android Google Apps on your Blackberry (no longer supported) For troubleshooting, please see Google Support or see more on your first days using Google

New to Google?

New To Google? Check out Google’s Learning Center for help on getting Secure your account: Keep your Account Secure Learn About 2-Step Verification Video: How 2-Step Verification works Search Google’s Support site for help, troubleshooting tips and tutorials Please note: MYbusinessOS uses the same 2-step verification process, using a Yubikey as the second piece of identification. Enable this 2-Step authentication process and […]

Google Integration

The OS system is integrated with your Google Account.   At the moment, the extent of the integration with your Google account consists of the following: Login: Once you are logged into your Google account, you are automatically logged into the OS* Gmail: Send an email from your Google email account directly from the OS (More of […]

Turn ON 2-Step Verification (Google)

Setup 2-Step Verification on your Google account for an added level of security when accessing your Google account and OS. More information on Google’s 2-Step Verification Requirements: You will need a mobile device that will accept SMS (text messages). Have that mobile device with you on setup. Before setup: Perform the setup from your personal […]

Google+ Login

Google provides different ways for applications like MYbusinessOS to integrate with their many productivity tools. They have consolidated those into one authentication process, with the same protections as before, like 2-step verification – Google+ login. When you go to your OS login page, you will see a Sign in button in place of the Basic […]