Admin Panel

Admin: Manage Your Sales Process

Get a visual snapshot of the current state of your sales! With Multiple Sales Processes, you can now manage your business sales more effectively by tracking the state of your leads and opportunities more accurately and at the granularity you prefer. Add 2, 3 or more Sales Process widgets to your Sales and CRM Dashboard to get the instant real-time opportunity […]

Admin: Configure Your eWindows

Customize the layout and naming conventions used on your client eWindows. Note: If you do not see a new browser window/tab appear with your eWindow layout, please ensure you have allowed for popups from your OS site: Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Safari  

Add, Change or Remove Yubikey

We strongly recommend that all our clients have a 2-factor authentication process in place, and the Yubikey is a… Quick Easy Affordable …way of ensuring your data is secure. The Yubikey plugs into any USB port, on our computer, laptop or even some tablets. To login to your site, you simply hold your finger down […]

Update Logo

As an Administrator, you can configure the site theme to your liking. This includes updating the Company Logo found on the Login Page, as well as the site Header: Login Page Logo: Site Header Logo: To update the company logo: Go to the Admin Panel -> Login Page Theme Click Upload Logo and select the […]

Manage User Defined Fields

Create a number of custom fields to manage the client information that is important to your business. Your company-specific user-defined fields can be found under the Profile Details tab in any Contact profile in your Address Book. Manage User Defined Fields To access to the User Defined Fields Manager, go to the Admin Panel->Field Manager […]

User Roles

As an admin, you can create your own User Roles to define who has access to different information in the system. The default Roles on an OS site: Admin: Full access to the system Standard: Limited access. Ability to add data and only to edit/delete their own data, or items assigned to them. RAFConnector or […]

Add a New User

As an Admin, you have the ability to Create New Users on your OS system. Add a New User (Contact exists in your Address Book) 1. Open their Contact Profile in the Address Book 2. Under the Action menu, click Create as User 3. Follow steps 4-8 below. Add a New User (Contact does NOT […]

Client Classifications

Classify your clients the way that works for your business, by customizing your client classification values from the Admin Panel: Add a New Classification 1. Go to your Admin Panel, select Client Classification under Sales & CRM 2. Click Add Client Classification 3. Enter the Name of your classification 4. Click Save Your new classification […]

Delete a User

You can Delete a user from the Admin Panel, under User Admin. Before deleting a user, please note: You will no longer be able to assign/allocate anything to the deleted User. The User will remain as Account Manager on Contacts The User will be removed from Programs/Course as a Instructor/Manager The User’s Good News, comments, posts will remain […]

Lead Source

Create your own list of Lead Sources! From Trade-shows to Social Media campaigns to Referral Programs, you will always know how your client’s came to find you. Add a New Lead Source Go to your Admin Panel and select the Lead Source, found under Sales and CRM.   Click Add Lead Source and your will see a textbox appear Enter […]