Sending Email (Microsoft)

Since the OS is integrated with your Microsoft account, you can send an email directly from your Microsoft email address from within OS – without leaving the app! Send Email There are many areas of the application from which you can send an email (e.g. when clicking on a client email address). The steps below […]

Email Logger

The Email Logger is a special email address that can be used to enhance the way you track communication with your clients! Adding this email address as a recipient to an outgoing email will log that email as an activity under the corresponding contact profile in OS. Configure Your Account By default, the email logger will recognize emails […]

Email Signature

  Since MYbusinessOS is integrated with your Google Account, you can send an email directly form within the system! Add your Email Signature Go to Account Settings and scroll down to Email Signature 2.  Use the Edit link beside “Email Signature” to add a personalized signature to all your outgoing email sent from MYbusinessOS. A window will open that allows editing, […]

Email Templates

Create your own set of Email Templates that can be used as canned responses when sending email from within OS. Customize up 40 templates to save you both time and effort when communicating with clients, suppliers or team members. Note: The templates are not integrated with Gmail interface, and are only available within the OS. […]

Send an Email

Since the OS is integrated with you Google Account, you can send an email directly from within OS – without leaving your Dashboard! To Send an Email From anywhere, just go to the +New menu and select Email Start typing an email address or name of the recipient. Suggestions from your Address Book will appear […]