Resource Library

How can I change the security permissions on a client’s resource library files?

Your client’s Resource Library contains files you have uploaded for their use and/or for reference. You can set security permissions for each individual file in their library. To set or change security permissions for resource library files, go to your client’s Profile page. In the Contact Details tab, scroll down to the “Resource Library” link, […]

System Libraries and Folders

In your Resource Library, you will notice some existing libraries and folders already setup for you to get started.  These libraries & folders are system libraries or default folders that: Enable you to manage dashboard widget content Are triggered by an action in the system Are linked to another entity in the system (E.g. Contact, Course, Program, etc.) System Libraries If you […]

Upload Files

Drag-and-drop your files into the appropriate Resource library panel, or upload manually using the Upload New File button. Drag and Drop Simply select one or multiple files from your Desktop or finder, and drag them into the folder you’ve selected in OS (into the tree view or detail view).  2. A panel will appear at the […]

Manage Files/Folders

The Resource Library is a central repository for all company-wide or confidential business related files. Overview of the Resource Library Search bar: Search for any file or folder by name. Library tree view: Expand the Libraries to view their contained folders.  Create a new Library from here (create another ‘root’ folder) File/Folder view: A detailed view of the folder […]

Contact Resource Libraries

Each Contact in your Address Book has their own Contact Resource Library: a devoted folder in your company-wide Resource Library that can be used to shore client-related files, invoices and shared documents with the client. All Contact Resource Libraries can be found under Contact Resource Libraries Folder in your company’s central repository: Please Note: This […]