Meeting Dashboard

Basic Zoom Meeting

The OS comes loaded with a Basic video conferencing package: Access to one Basic seat for your site, integrated with your Meetings Dashboard Video Conference Manager. Online Meetings, Simplified One-click start and join, once downloaded Get high quality (HD) video and screen sharing capabilities Annotation capabilities Mobility: Connect from Anywhere Connect from a Mac, Windows, […]

Pro Zoom Meeting Integration

The Pro video conferencing package allows you to integrate your own pro account with the OS. The tight integration allows everyone with a seat on that account to access additional features, including: Single Sign-on for through OS Meeting Dashboard Integration Meeting recordings through Zoom In order to upgrade, you must be registered for: Business Plan Education Plan Or […]

Run a Video Conference

This article will walk through how to Start a screen share or video conference meeting, invite Participants and End/Cancel a meeting from OS. Before beginning, please download on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Schedule a Meeting Schedule a video conference meeting from your Meetings Dashboard, My Video Conference Manager widget. Click Schedule Meeting […]

Join a Meeting

This article will help you Join a meeting that you have been invited to, using OS’s video conferencing tool. Before beginning, please download on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Join a Meeting from OS If you are in OS, you can join your meeting directly from the Meeting Dashboard by clicking If you […]

Archived Meetings

Keep a record of past meetings and conferences so that your team can return to the recordings to review key discussion topics. Upload a Meeting Archive Upload a media file, such as a video or audio recording, or meeting minute documents to the Archived Meetings widget. Click Upload File and click Select File Select the […]