The Pro video conferencing package allows you to integrate your own pro account with the OS.

The tight integration allows everyone with a seat on that account to access additional features, including:

  • Single Sign-on for through OS
  • Meeting Dashboard Integration
  • Meeting recordings through Zoom

In order to upgrade, you must be registered for:

See the website for more details.


Integrate your account with OS

Once you have registered for one of the above mentioned accounts, follow the steps below to integrate  with your OS:

From your Control Panel

  1. Go to the REST API
  2. Copy your API Key and API Secret from your Zoom Control Panel

From your OS Admin Panel

  1. Go to  MYbusinessOS Settings > Integrations
  2. Toggle the Integration ON
  3. Paste your API Key and API Secret from your Zoom Control Panel into the OS fields provided
  4. Click authorize connection
  5. Once the authorization process is complete, logout and log back into OS to activate the integration between both accounts.



  • If you are having issues, ensure that your Key and Secret were copied over correctly.