The Email Logger is a special email address that can be used to enhance the way you track communication with your clients!

Adding this email address as a recipient to an outgoing email will log that email as an activity under the corresponding contact profile in OS.

Configure Your Account

By default, the email logger will recognize emails sent from your Primary email address (the email address you use to login to OS).  If you would like to have the logger recognize outgoing email from another email address:

  1. Go to your Account Settings > Email Settings
  2. Under Secondary Email Accounts, click Add Email Address.  Enter the ‘from’ email address you would like to have recognized.
  3. Click Verify
  4. Once verified, the logger will recognize emails from that account.

Start Logging Communication

  1. From your preferred email application (like Gmail), create an email to a client
  2.  Add this special email address to BCC
  3. Send the email
  4. Login into OS and go to the client’s profile.  The recently sent communication will logged under their Communication tab as a sent email.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 2.45.46 PM

In the example above, [email protected] is the client's email address and special@ is the unique email logger address.


  • Important Notes:
    • The Work email address recorded in the Profile is considered the primary email address for that contact
    • If there is no work email address, the Personal email address will be recognized
    • Depending on volume of emails and size of email, it will take between seconds and 1-10 minutes to register with OS
    • Attachment filenames will appear in the history (but not the file itself)
    • Current Limitations
      • Attachments of 5MB (any type)
      • Email Message (text of email) of 1MB [note: this is a sufficient size for standard emails.  1MB may limit some large html/marketing emails.]

If the email address cannot be found in your address book as the primary email address, the email will not be logged.




Coming soon!

My Pending items will allow you to review your emails that were ignored by the Logger, and assign them to the appropriate Contact.