Since the OS is integrated with your Microsoft account, you can send an email directly from your Microsoft email address from within OS – without leaving the app!

Send Email

There are many areas of the application from which you can send an email (e.g. when clicking on a client email address). The steps below outline just one way that you can send an email from your dashboard:

Send an Email

  1. From anywhere, just go to the +New menu and select EmailThe Send Email popup will appear for you to start composing your message.
  2. Enter the email address or name of the recipient. Suggestions from your OS Address Book will appear as you type.  
  3. Add CC or BCC if desired, by clicking the respective links.
  4. Enter your subject and email message. You may choose to use a template message.
  5. Attach a file to the email by clicking Attach File.
  6. When you are done with your message, click Send.

If you choose the recipient(s) from your Address Book, the email will be logged under their Communication tab. Any emails you send from OS will also appear in your Microsoft Outlook ‘Sent’ folder.

If for any reason your message did not send successfully, you will receive an email notification from the system informing you of the reason for the failure.

Email Limitations

  • Due to Microsoft Outlook API limitations, the total size of the message (including attachments) cannot exceed 34 MB.

Log Email

The Email Logger is a special email address that can be used to enhance the way you track communication with your clients when working outside of OS! Adding this unique email address as a recipient to an outgoing message will log that email as an activity under the corresponding Contact in OS.  

Log Email Communication

  1. From your preferred email application (such as Outlook), create an email to a client
  2. Add this special email address as a BCC recipient
  3. Send the email from your Microsoft email address
  4. Sign into OS and go to the Client’s profile. The recently sent communication will appear under their Communication tab as an email activity.


  • The primary email address recorded in a contact’s profile is considered the default email address for that contact.
  • If there is no primary email address, the secondary email address will be recognized by the logger.
  • By default, the email logger will only recognize emails sent from the user’s primary account address. See Email Settings to configure another recognized email.
  • Depending on the volume of email and size of emails, it may take 1-10 minutes to register the email activity in OS
  • Attachment file names will appear in the activity history (but not the file itself)
  • Current Limitations:
    • Email Message (text of email) of 1MB. This is a sufficient size for standard emails. 1MB may limit some large HTML/marketing emails.
    • Attachments of 5MB (any type)


Secondary Email Account

By default, the email logger will recognize emails sent from your primary email address (the account linked to OS). If you would like to have the system recognize outgoing email from another email address, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to your Account Settings > Email Settings
  2. Under Secondary Email Accounts, click Add Email Address. Enter the ‘from’ email address you would like to have recognized.
  3. Click Verify.
  4. Once verified, the logger will recognize emails from that account.

Email Signature

The Email Signature setup in OS is not linked with your Microsoft Account. To set up your signature in OS the same as it appears in sent mail from Outlook, copy and paste your signature into Account Settings > Email Settings > under Email Signature.

Email Templates

The Email Templates set up in OS are not linked with your Microsoft Account. To set up your personal templates in OS the same as they appear in Outlook, copy and paste the template content into Account Settings > Email Settings > under Email Templates.