Your Front Page and My Dashboard are equipped with customizable RSS widgets!

The RSS widget displays posts from an RSS feed. These widgets are useful when you want to display real-time updates from your company blog or other news source. Keep your Front Page updated with current news you consider critical to your organization, to give your team the edge they need.

To find the RSS feed of a blog, Flickr stream, online newspaper or other source, look for this standard RSS icon , Real-Time News Feeds (RSS)1or the word ‘subscribe’ or ‘feed’.

Real-Time News Feeds (RSS)2

Simply click Edit and Copy-Paste that feed URL into the appropriate widget on your Front Page or My Dashboard.

Real-Time News Feeds (RSS)3

Click Save, and the widget should update to show the 3 most recent articles. Click Nextor Back to view other articles.

Real-Time News Feeds (RSS)4