Give everyone in your company their own personal online space with My Dashboard: a the customizable dashboard where the information that is important to them is front and center. From essential tools such as contact lists, calendars and to do lists, to news and weather, your team will have everything they need at their fingertips.

My Dashboard has all the flexibility of the company Front Page, with customizable widgets that allow your team to decide what they need to keep track of to stay organized and be their most effective. They can rename, move, change or hide the widgets so everyone sees what they choose.

Rename widgets by hovering your mouse over a widget title header. Left click on the Your Company’s Front Page1 icon on the right top corner to change the widget’s title.

Move each widget using the drag-and-drop method. Hover your mouse over a widget title header, when the icon changes to four arrows, hold the left key of your mouse down and drag the widget to the desired position on the page.

Change or hide widgets by hovering over the gear icon Your Company’s Front Page2 on the right side of the date at the top of the front page. Choose from 14 widgets to fully customize your personal dashboard!

Manage Your Widgets

My Contacts
My To Dos
My Day Calendar
Messages To Clients
Custom Widgets