Address Book

Quick ’Action’ Menu

The Quick Action Menu is a shortcut menu that allows you direct access to create or update certain individual Contact information. Hovering over the gear icon will provide a menu with the following options: Edit / Delete Profile Change Primary / Secondary Account Manager Update Sales Process / Stage Create a New Communication Log Activity […]

Bulk Actions / Updates

You can perform a bulk update to selected Contacts within the Address Book. Simply select the individuals that you would like to update in the list, and hover over the Action menu item in the toolbar to view your options. Assign Primary / Secondary Account Manager Update the Sales Process / Stage Create a Communication […]

My Tags

My Tags gives you another way to group your contacts into more abstract categories, specific to you. Tag Contacts who… Are Priority (like My Favorites) Require Follow-up Require Special Attention …and more! These groups are user-specific (only you can see your Tags) and are very flexible, as they are not based on a field in the contact […]

eWindow Communication

Communicate with your clients using their own personal eWindow: A portal available to you and them to exchange information, idea’s and good news! Message Center: Post a Message to multiple Clients in a List From My Dashboard, the Message to Client eWindow widget allows for you to post to a custom or predefined list of […]

Duplicate Prevention

Prevent duplicates before they occur! The As-You-Go Duplicate Warning System will inform you if you have just entered information that exists for another Contact in the system. Unique Entry As you enter your client information, in real time, the system will seek out possible duplicates. You will receive a warning if the system detects other […]

eWindow Access

Engage with you clients using the OS Engagement eWindows. Send your client access to their own private eWindow, and monitor their activity  from the Communication tab in their Profile. Send eWindow Credentials You can send eWindow credential on an individual basis or to a group of Contacts from your Address Book. To an Individual 1.  Go to the Contact’s profile 2.  Click the Send eWindow […]

eWindow Email Notifications

Allow your clients to specify whether or not they would like to receive email notifications of new information posted to their eWindow.   The first time a client logs into their eWindow, they will be asked to set their Email Notification preference. By default, the individual will not receive any email notifications unless they have […]

Client Classifications

Classify your clients the way that works for your business, by customizing your client classification values from the Admin Panel: Add a New Classification 1. Go to your Admin Panel, select Client Classification under Sales & CRM 2. Click Add Client Classification 3. Enter the Name of your classification 4. Click Save Your new classification […]

Communication Reports

Communication/Activity Reports can help you keep track of ongoing communication with new and existing clients.  All communication reports can be found under your Sales and CRM Dashboard. New Lead Communication by Owner This report will provide you with a list of Communication activities based on when the Contact was created, and the Activity due date range. Choose […]

Calendar Appointments/Events

Manage your appointments with clients and other calendar events from your OS. The calendars in OS are synced with your Google Calendars, so any events created here will appear in your Google Calendar. If you have setup Google Apps calendar on your mobile device, then they will also be synced with your mobile device’s calendar. […]