Personal Calendars

Manage your appointments with clients, and other calendar events from your OS. The calendars in OS are synced with your Outlook Calendars, so any events created here will appear in your Outlook Calendar. If you have your Outlook Calendar set up on your mobile device, it will also be synced with the calendar on your mobile device.

View Calendar Events

View your calendar(s) by going to the Calendar icon, located in the top menu.

Personal calendars will be listed to the left of your Day-Week-Month view. To view a calendar’s events, check the calendar in the list. To hide the event, uncheck the calendar.

Create an Appointment/Event

There are many areas of the application from which you can create an Event (e.g. from a Contact’s activity log). The steps below outline just one way that you can create an event or appointment:

  1. Create a new event by clicking Create Event, or double-clicking on the time of day for which you wish to schedule the event in your calendar.
  2. Enter the subject of the event, location and details.
  3. Select the calendar in which you wish to schedule the event. By default, your Personal calendar will be selected.
  4. If this is an appointment, you can relate the event internally to a contact. Start by entering their name under Related Contact and select the contact from the list of results.
  5. Save the event.

Update an Event by double-clicking on the Event in your Calendar, or by tapping the edit icon.  Similarly, you can Delete an Event from any Calendar to which you have full access.


  • Your OS account time zone and Microsoft Account time zone should be the same, in order to see events listed for the same day/time.
  • The Description of an event in an OS Calendar will remain plain text. Any format applied in Outlook will be ignored in the OS Calendar event

Shared Calendars

Shared calendars are calendars created by another user, and shared with you.

Shared calendars will be listed below the Personal calendar list, to the left of your Day-Week-Month view. To view a calendar’s events, check the calendar in the list. To hide the events, uncheck the calendar.

Share A Calendar

You can share a calendar within Outlook. Once the calendar is shared, the permitted team member will be able to see that shared calendar in their OS calendar list. Access to the calendar will be determined by the permissions granted in Outlook.

Users are unable to share a calendar with another user from within OS.