Action! Getting Started

Managing To Do’s (Tasks)

Keep track of important tasks and deadlines using your To Dos. Manage your own personal To Do list, or assign them directly to a colleague. Relate a To Do to a particular Contact to keep an accurate activity history with that Client. Your personal To Do list widget can be found on your My Dashboard. […]

Your Company’s Front Page

Customize your Front Page The Front Page of your Company is your daily “newspaper” where you broadcast the latest breaking news and events, relevant to your team, from internal AND external sources. Highlight client testimonials, your company’s social media status or get live feed for local or global news that’s significant to your industry, your […]

Good News

Good News, Sales Team News and More! The Good News Widget is the perfect way to share good news with the rest of the team! Keep everyone informed about the latest success stories, special services or product offerings, client news, or testimonials. Add an image, video, or audio clip, and even documents or links to […]

Import your Contacts

It’s time to put fuel in the tank! No need to rebuild your entire contact list, just import it from your current application and format it to your address book in MYbusinessOS. Step 1: Export your Contacts from your current application To begin, you will need a file with your contact list (XLS, CVS or […]

Update Logo

As an Administrator, you can configure the site theme to your liking. This includes updating the Company Logo found on the Login Page, as well as the site Header: Login Page Logo: Site Header Logo: To update the company logo: Go to the Admin Panel -> Login Page Theme Click Upload Logo and select the […]

Assign Contact to the Sales Process

Moving your client from one step to another will allow you to track their progress through your Sales Process. Assign a Contact to the Sales Process There are a few ways a contact can be assigned to the Sales Process Assigned during the import process Directly from your Contact List While adding/editing their profile While […]

Setting up Email, Calendar, etc. on my Mobile Device

The setup process will vary depending on the device you use: Google Apps on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) Google Apps on your Windows phone Google Apps on your Android Google Apps on your Blackberry (no longer supported) For troubleshooting, please see Google Support or see more on your first days using Google

New to Google?

New To Google? Check out Google’s Learning Center for help on getting Secure your account: Keep your Account Secure Learn About 2-Step Verification Video: How 2-Step Verification works Search Google’s Support site for help, troubleshooting tips and tutorials Please note: MYbusinessOS uses the same 2-step verification process, using a Yubikey as the second piece of identification. Enable this 2-Step authentication process and […]

Calendar Appointments/Events

Manage your appointments with clients and other calendar events from your OS. The calendars in OS are synced with your Google Calendars, so any events created here will appear in your Google Calendar. If you have setup Google Apps calendar on your mobile device, then they will also be synced with your mobile device’s calendar. […]

Add a new Contact

Add a new Contact to your Address Book, from anywhere and with as much detail as you wish. Add a New Client Go to your Address Book to create a new Client file: Click New Contact Enter the client’s information: Select Person if it’s an individual Select Organization if it’s a company or an association […]